LIBRARIA a complete library management system, an ERP enabled library solution is designed and developed by NSRG Software to streamline the Book information with respect to the stake holders, is built on the highly sophisticated Dot Net environment incorporating the cloud concept and latest web 2008 sql server technologies.

LIBRARIA is a Multifunctional ERP Software. This software has been implemented in major and reputed educational institutions of all levels from multi-branch Schools, Colleges, Engineering Colleges and Other Institutes, to Colleges of the country.


As an Integrated, user configurable and dynamic software solution, it help institutions to get the wide range detailed and customized information of Administrative and Academic nature, in different forms required at different level of the Organizational hierarchy and for other stakeholders like Students, User and other Organizations, LIBRARIA is a SMS enabled library software with SMS, E-mail enabled and web portal, online library software. Each information is available on a single click.


User Friendly
Barcode Enabled
Email Alert
SMS Alert
Task Schudler
Highly Flexible
Highly Secure
Complete Report
Online Analysis
Web Based App.